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October 14, 2010

Today I am a Beaver

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Think about the beaver and its dam.

The beaver is strategic, analyzing every day the holes in its house and recognizing weaknesses and areas that can be built larger and stronger. The beaver is tactical by by immediately going to the woods and finding the solution to strengthen and grow its house. The beaver is fearless as it attacks big projects, trees that are thousands of times its size. The beaver is skillful at knowing how to fell a tree, get it to the river upstream so it floats to the dam, and then positions it into the right place in its house to add the needed support and safety. The beaver is hard working, waking up every day and repeating the core processes again to protect and improve its future. (although, as people we get vacations where we pre-plan to take time away from work to recharge.)

What part of your sales strategy, tactics, and fearless attack do you need to do today?


April 16, 2010

Week of April 19, 2010

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Monday AM:  S is for Secure Final Commitment

Tuesday AM: Wrap up, send me what YOU want to talk about

Tuesday PM: Communication Does Not Mean Talking

7. In talking with your prospect, you discover she is new in the position and is unaware about the past, as well as immediate or future needs. You should:

___ Ask “Who else is involved in making this decision?”

___ Ask “What time frame will you be considering for making a decision?”

___ Ask questions to discover if she has met with your competition or other vendors with similar products or services.

___ Offer to partner with her and assist her in gaining knowledge at a more rapid pace.

25. During your presentation, you understand there are others involved in the buying decision. You should:

___ Ask what role they are going to play.

___ Ask your prospect what influence she has on the other people.

___ Attempt to see all of the others.

___ Present your product and make an appointment to come back to meet with the others.

April 9, 2010

Week of April 12 2010

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Monday AM: No class; either come Tuesday or next week

Tuesday AM : S is for Secure Final Commitment

Tuesday PM class: Becoming a People Person

34. The more competition a product has, the more a salesperson needs to:

___ Expand product knowledge.

___ Work harder.

___ Master selling skills.

___ Network with existing customers.

38. When a prospect asks a question to which you don’t know the answer, you should:

___ Admit that you don’t know the answer but will get it.

___ Call someone who knows the answer.

___ Review your literature to find the answer.

___ Ask the prospect how important knowing that answer is to the purchasing process.

67. The most up-to-date way to stay abreast of your industry is to:

___ Read relevant industrial publications.

___ Listen to co-workers.

___ Play an active role in industry events.

___ Rely on rumors.

February 24, 2010

Questions for week of March 1

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Mon/Tues AM class: F is for Find a Goal  (p. 357)

Tues PM class: Chapter is Objections: Dealing, Managing, and Avoiding (p. 425).

Special request: Please go to and complete my survey for my doctorate class, I would appreciate it.

53. You ask the prospect, “Who else is involved in the buying decision?” The prospect states he is the sole decision maker. Later, when you ask the prospect to buy he insists that he must check with two other people. You should:

___ Ask the prospect why he initially told you he was capable of making the decision

by himself.

___ Secure permission to make a presentation to the decision makers.

___ Let your prospect meet independently with the other people to present your story.

___ Ask qualifying questions about the other people so you can formulate a

new strategy.

65. When making a phone contact with a prospect, the very first thing you should do is to:

___ Explain why you’re making the call.

___ Ask if they are free to talk at that time.

___ Tell them how great your product is.

___ Present price.

66. The easiest way for you to be seen as a consultative expert is to:

___ Ask strategic questions relative to prospect’s problems.

___ Have a memorized sales presentation.

___ Tell the prospect how good you are.

___ Stay abreast of industry trends.

February 14, 2010

Doctorate Study on Sales Practices

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This is a study on sales practices being conducted as part of my doctorate program. We are collecting data from a wide set of people, including those in sales and those who are not in sales, on how they view various sales practices. If you would go to the link below and complete our survey, we (the authors and researchers) would greatly appreciate it.

Sales Practices Survey

Thanks in advance for your time and feel free to forward the survey to other friends and associates.

December 7, 2009

Launch 2010 Now–A New Way to Create Your Sales Plan

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The best time to start 2010 selling was about a month ago. Unfortunately most people will start 2010 selling just after they recover from New Year’s. That is way too late and a great way to miss a strong first quarter.

This will be the first of three articles to help you launch your 2010 sales today with a plan that will launch you towards success now.

First, start by making a written list of every customer you sold in 2009. If you have a CRM (and if you don’t, you should) then print out a 2009 sales activity report. As you write down the name, pick up the telephone and call them to say thank you. Don’t ask them about 2010 opportunities, don’t ask them for referrals, just tell them how much you appreciated the opportunity to serve them in 2009.

As you check that client off the list, make a note by their name regarding how you acquired the client—referral by whom, a business group, cold calling, email marketing, prior client, etc. Use a consistent abbreviation system as this will come back in step two.

If anyone mentions 2010 sales, go ahead and have the conversation and either log it and the appropriate follow through telephone call in your CRM or make a big red star on your printout next to that customer’s name. Repeat the process until you are all the way through the list. A CRM sure makes this part easy.

You have 300 customers and this call process will take too long? First, congrats on having a long client list. Second, since many of your calls will result in you leaving a voice mail, you should be able to make 50-100 calls a day so this is a week-long project. And, can you think of anything more important than touching every single client one more time this year as they reflect on 2009 and start to think about 2010? I can’t.

Step 2. Tally up your “where did it come from notes” so you know where your business is coming from. Look for trends and blocks of business from one source. You may find one advertising campaign was really successful. You might find that one group is more beneficial than others. One person may be your best referral source. You won’t do anything else with this yet, but you will want to know this for step 4.

Step 3. Look closely at those who brought up 2010 sales opportunities during your thank you calls. Why did that group bring them up? What characteristics make them different from your other customers? Which industries are they in—maybe part of your client base is doing better than another. What specifically did they talk about? Did certain product lines or options get more attention than others? You should spend significant time on this step and really think about why this group is already talking positively about 2010. As you generate a sales plan (step 5), it is much easier and much more realistic if you base it on what you know instead of what you guess.

Step 4 and step 5 will be here in about a week. Between now and then, your best activity is contact and analyze. Touch your customers and listen to them about their plans for 2010 before you create your own sales plan. While you are at it, get a CRM (such as because what you think of as just at tool will soon become your best friend.

November 29, 2009

2010 Fast Track Sales Training for Doctoral Project

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Along with all of my consulting and training, I am well into a doctorate in marketing with a research emphasis of sales process and sales ethics. For one of my projects, I am looking for 15 sales people who want or need to increase their 2010 sales results and are willing to invest about 3 hours a week for fifteen weeks–2 hours in class and about an hour a week of homework related to sales.

Update as of Jan 4t–only 3 seats left! 15 weeks starting NOW!

This special program carries special pricing and focused content from our regular full blown sales training program.

We will cover:

DISC Communication Styles (how to read people)

Networking (how to get attention and get people to want to meet with you)

Telephone Strategies (how to get calls returned and appointments set)

The Seven Steps of the INFOCUS Selling Process:

  • Introduction
  • Name your Purpose
  • Find a Goal
  • Outline a Goal
  • Crystallize Gains and Losses
  • Uncover Blocks and Obstacles
  • Secure Final Commitment

Selling with a structured process is faster and considerably more profitable.

If you or someone you know is looking to increase your 2010 sales and personal income, this is a rare opportunity for you to take part in professional sales training that combines high level marketing with street level sales tactics that reflect today’s markets and today’s relationships.

Call me or email me for full details. We are starting now and the program completes on April 15th so act fast.

September 22, 2009

Nearly Free Workshop on Sales AND Marketing 2009 + Beyond

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Kim Brand & Jeff Bowe speak at Business Ownership Initiative:

Sales & Marketing 2009 (and Beyond)

How I wasted over $200,000 and three years on

ineffective marketing schemes and inept sales strategies

and why you don’t have to.”   Kim Brand, Presenter.

What: Business Ownership Initiative (BOI) presents Sales & Marketing 2009 (and Beyond).

This four hour seminar will be conducted over two days and will be co-presented by Kim Brand, Serial Entrepreneur and President of Computer Experts and File Engine and Jeff Bowe, Chief Sales Strategist at ACTUM Group, a leading sales training company.

When: September 28th & 29th, 6-8 p.m.

Where: 4755 Kingsway Dr., Suite 314. (Near 46th & Keystone)

Why: You won’t get a better ‘reality check’ than to hear us talk about real world sales and marketing problems and solutions for small businesses from the perspective of an entrepreneur and sales pro.

Special Bonus: BOI normally charges $20 for this class…that’s cheap!  But everyone that attends will receive a $20 discount coupon from Computer Experts – your net cost is zero and your upside potential is huge and a free chapter from Jeff’s book, Get INFOCUS Get Cash!

You need to call now to register:  (317) 917-3266 ext. 100.

Space is limited, call today

July 11, 2009

Sales Training Assignment

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Stay tuned, on Monday, July 13 there will be a special posting right here to help you focus your sales.

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July 7, 2009

Uncapped Earnings in B2B Sales

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We have been engaged to help build a local, then regional, and then national sales team. Actually, we have been engaged to build two such teams for two different companies!

If you have a thirst for setting your own future, working with business owners, and finding and getting commitments in usually one or two meetings, one of these two opportunities could be for you. One opportunity is in the media/advertising field and the other is in the computer/IT field. Both teams will receive up front and on going sales training and coaching, direction, management, and strategy. CRM experience and cold calling experience would be very helpful but these are not full time cold calling jobs–these are professional sales positions from prospecting to contract signing. From new to sales to seasoned and experienced, we are looking for current and future performers.

Email confidentially for more information.

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