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September 27, 2009

Putting Our Mouth in front of Your Money

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23% Off is one thing. 23% In is quite another.

Our belief in our economy has been proven over the past year. We are clearly rebounding due to good old fashioned hard work. Some segments remain pretty tough but no industry has disappeared. As our economy turns around, those who plot the right course now will grow during this blip and come out geometrically stronger than their competition—some of whom will not make it out at all. To grow a business now means taking market share from the competition. It happens every day and you can be on the winning end or losing end—it’s your choice.

We believe in ourselves. We know the last thing people are doing right now is looking for places to spend money, regardless of how bad their sales trend is. But the bottom line is your sales skills have never been more important. The more competition you have, the more you have to out sell them. Our track record tells us that when our clients show up, pay attention, apply and integrate new behaviors and tactics, amazing things happen. We’re confident that record will continue.

We want to believe in you. We are looking for up to 20 sales people, teams or individuals, who want to be high earning sales professionals but right now are more like struggling sales workers. If you want to be a successful sales professional, or if you want your team to be successful, we’re willing to let you go 23% in and we’ll earn the rest. That’s right. You invest only 23% of our normal training fees, and we’ll get paid more only if we can change your sales results. Email us at to find out how to get started

I bet you and your team get paid for results, why shouldn’t your sales trainer?


September 22, 2009

Nearly Free Workshop on Sales AND Marketing 2009 + Beyond

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Kim Brand & Jeff Bowe speak at Business Ownership Initiative:

Sales & Marketing 2009 (and Beyond)

How I wasted over $200,000 and three years on

ineffective marketing schemes and inept sales strategies

and why you don’t have to.”   Kim Brand, Presenter.

What: Business Ownership Initiative (BOI) presents Sales & Marketing 2009 (and Beyond).

This four hour seminar will be conducted over two days and will be co-presented by Kim Brand, Serial Entrepreneur and President of Computer Experts and File Engine and Jeff Bowe, Chief Sales Strategist at ACTUM Group, a leading sales training company.

When: September 28th & 29th, 6-8 p.m.

Where: 4755 Kingsway Dr., Suite 314. (Near 46th & Keystone)

Why: You won’t get a better ‘reality check’ than to hear us talk about real world sales and marketing problems and solutions for small businesses from the perspective of an entrepreneur and sales pro.

Special Bonus: BOI normally charges $20 for this class…that’s cheap!  But everyone that attends will receive a $20 discount coupon from Computer Experts – your net cost is zero and your upside potential is huge and a free chapter from Jeff’s book, Get INFOCUS Get Cash!

You need to call now to register:  (317) 917-3266 ext. 100.

Space is limited, call today

September 21, 2009

The Myth of Busyness

Busyness is dangerous for business. I’ve heard repeatedly in the past 60 days that things have opened up. When so many businesses have gone as long as they have without being busy, this sudden surge seems overwhelming and distracting. Sales reps get bogged down, the now lean operations department gets stressed, and everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief that the worst is over. This is a big mistake. I’m about to spout some heresy so hang on.

It’s nearly October meaning we have only three months left to finish strong in 2009 and only three months to start feeding the 2010 pipeline. If you are experiencing a sudden uptick in business, that’s great and I’m happy for you. Now, work longer hours and keep selling. Forget about breathing easy and forget about smiling at how all your networking has paid off.

Right now you should be having two kinds of meetings: prospects who are prospects right now and prospects who are prospects for 2010. If someone is not a prospect, take them off your calendar. You don’t have time for fence sitters and wishy-washy people who “might do something” in a month or two, or who are “thinking it over” or who are “looking to see if it’s in the budget.”

Your time is incredibly valuable and you owe it to yourself and to your family to bring it home. Learn how to spot a true prospect from someone who has no chance of buying from you. Think about what those who became clients said during your meetings and compare it to what was said by those who never signed. As you meet new people, listen carefully and objectively but not optimistically. If you hear a fence-sitter, be polite but be specific. Find out if they are serious and if not, stop wasting time on them.

Before I get razzed for thrashing networking, I’m not saying that networking is not still part of the mix. It is, and you need to network. But networking meetings are different from prospect meetings in that networking meetings end with referrals and introductions. Prospect meetings end with either an order or a decision not to go forward. Either is fine; something in between is not.

You network to fill your calendar with prospect meetings. You meet prospects to fill your sales column. If someone does not fit either column, you’re too busy to meet and you need to focus on the sale right in front of you.

Click here for information on a nearly free workshop on Sales and Marketing in 2009 and Beyond sponsored by Business Ownership Initiative.

Personal Branding Message Lesson From My Car Doc

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The last time I saw a family doctor make a house call was on a black and white television. Aside from a large animal vet that came to our house one time while I was growing up, no doctor ever came to diagnose or treat me or any member of the family.

Meet John Cannon of My Car Doc, self proclaimed graduate of bad car repair companies. He knew after working for one that there had to be a better way to give customers respect and value.

How many hours a year do you spend waiting to get your vehicle fixed? Instead of making you schedule appointments at the repair shop and waiting in a dirty, noisy, and cramped waiting room for an unspecified amount of time, My Car Doc comes to your home or place of business to fix or maintain your vehicle. John says that most businesses allow him to do repairs in their parking lot because they realize the cost of unproductive time spent at a repair shop. Some of the local office parks have regularly scheduled days as an employee benefit for tenants.

Asking John about what he learned as a business owner, he reports, “I was surprised by how quickly I became recognized throughout the social circles as the face of My Car Doc. I was also surprised by how much people wanted to get to know not only about my business, but also about me personally.”

This is personal branding and is a key issue for any new business–you are always on. You are the face of the company and people will associate your business with how you come across in all situations. Regardless of the impact of social media—or maybe because of the impact of social media—people buy from people and any time day or night you might be in front of your next prospect. No amount of marketing replaces face to face contact and personal relationships for the small business owner. John has learned the power of networking and personally spreads the word about his unique business.

John also said that his customers changed his business. “Be open to new ideas and suggestions from your customers; what they want and need is what you need to know to stay successful.” Target marketing is important but we cannot forget that the market may be smarter than we are. The market gives us valuable feedback on our offering. Too many entrepreneurs are so wrapped up in providing their service from their lengthy technical background that they fail to listen to what the market is telling them. John’s suggestion is a good one–you have to pay attention to the market and you have to listen to your customers. Your best idea will be improved when you listen to what you can’t or don’t do and then add it to next week’s offering.

Many repairs can be done in your driveway or parking lot if you have the know-how and tools and they aren’t messy—serpentine belts, air conditioning, alternators, brakes can all be done with nothing more than an open hood and maybe a simple floor jack which looks like a tire change. While the value of time is high for so many people, My Car Doc charges less than the traditional car repair shop due to low overhead.

“When you boil it all down, helping people is what My Car Doc is all about; it’s why I started this company and why we charge less than most shops in town for the most convenient service possible in Indianapolis.”

At the end of the day, you must be perceived as valuable business. What are you doing that is truly unique and what is the market telling you?

Click here for information on a nearly free workshop on Sales and Marketing in 2009 and Beyond presented by Business Ownership Initiative.

For more info on My Car Doc visit

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