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March 16, 2009

Poetry Time

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Here’s a shameless plug for winning a haiku contest at Zent Consulting.

To see the winning poem, go to Jeff Bowe Wins Poetry Contest

Can you say the same for yourself?


March 4, 2009

Creating a Structure for Sales Success

It’s been said that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Experience tells me it should be, “If you fail to have a good plan, you plan to fail.”

Do you have a good plan for what happens during a sales call? That plan is to have a structured question sequence that walks a contact from beginning to end, from the introductory opening to the final commitment in getting an order. Having that plan separates a Sales Leader from a sales rep.

The acronym to use for building an effective question sequence is INFOCUS—hence the name INFOCUS Selling™. The acronym reminds us of the best sequence for your questions, giving your questions a plan and a purpose. Let’s take a look at INFOCUS Selling™, letter by letter.

I for Introduction—This initial phase introduces who you are and who you represent so that you
are not talking with a stranger, stated in a way that the other person wants to talk with you.

N for Name Your Purpose—This defining phase sets the parameters for an open dialogue
between you and your contact, that you are there to ask questions and collect information to see
whether there is a match between their needs and your offerings at some time in the future–not
that you are going to ask them to make a decision today.

F for Find a Goal—At this phase you begin to discover the desired pressing goal or overall
objective of this contact, a goal that is important to them in their world, both personally and

O for Outline the Goal—Through this phase you help the prospect identify and explore the
details of the goal so that both you and the prospect have a full, complete, and comprehensive
understanding of the goal or objective.

C for Crystallize Gains and Losses—During this phase you have the prospect determine the
good, positive, and pretty things that will happen personally and organizationally if this goal is
achieved, and the bad, negative, and ugly things that will happen personally and organizationally
if this goal is not achieved. Together you calculate positive and negative financial values for both
achieving and failing to achieve the objective.

U for Uncover Blocks and Obstacles—In this phase you dig for what is in the way of
accomplishing the goal; what must be overcome or at a minimum handled or addressed for the
project to be successful or the goal to be achieved. This may also be the reason the goal has not
already been accomplished or achieved in the past.

S for Secure Final Commitment—This last phase is where you get the last commitment you need
to start a client/vendor relationship. When the entire process is done correctly, this is a natural
outcome and a natural progression of the questions you have asked up to this point.

These letters that spell INFOCUS™ indicate the process and sequence to take your sales from
wherever they are today to above whatever chart or goal you and your boss have devised. We
will deal with all of the letters in future postings as we dissect each step of the INFOCUS
Selling™ process.

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A Partner Grows Wings

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One person’s loss is another person’s gain. This month, Chris McEvoy grows wings as he leaves ACTUM after three great years to form Wingspan Thinking. The past two years, and especially the past year, have seen Chris become very active in helping companies make the turnarounds needed to meet stronger bank and investor requirements. It’s an important specialty today and while some of our clients needed it, many of our clients want to grow but are not in the dire straits mode that Chris works in.

So, this month Chris has branched out on his own. Some of our clients will need his expertise and we’ll call him to bring him to the table. We’re pretty sure that some of his clients will need help with sales skills and strategy, and then he’ll bring us to the table.

We hate to lose outstanding resources like Chris, but sometimes, it’s fun to watch wings spread and take flight.

Good luck Chris, we’re looking forward to seeing great things.

March 2, 2009

Maintaining Relationships in a Tight Economy

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Wednesday, March 4
8 a.m. to 9:15 a.m.
The Printing Industry of Indiana
Sales and Management Club Presents:

Maintaining Relationships in a Tight Economy
How do you keep in touch with your clients and prospects? How are you building and maintaining relationships? In any economy, let alone a “down” economy, taking care of existing customers should be a top marketing priority.

Join PII’s Sales and Management Club on Wednesday, March 4 for an informative presentation from Buckaroo Marketing New Media President/CEO Deborah Daily and learn how to stretch your or your clients’ marketing dollars in a tight economy. Statistics show it costs five times more to acquire a new customer versus satisfying and retaining a current customer. Get the facts…

Click here for full details and registration information.

Engagement – The Secret of Productivity: Caring

One of the truisms in business is: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. That is true with customers but that is another article. It is even more important with your people. It doesn’t matter whether you have 1 or 1001, all the rest of what you do during the day won’t have any impact unless your people know that you care about them.


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