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February 22, 2009

When Closing Seems Harder Than it Should Be

Salespeople love to close a deal. Making a sale is what you’re paid to do. Ever have trouble convincing someone to buy? No matter how hard you try, you can’t move them from “think it over” to “where do I sign?” Maybe you should stop trying to convince and close and go back to why you are there—to collect information and help them make a decision.

Sales is about a series of structured and intentional questions, not a canned pitch about features, advantages, and benefits. You cannot push your prospect to a close through talking, because you do not know what your contact needs nor do you know their value from your solution. You going in and giving a feature pitch is selling in the worst context of the word, and it will not help you gain the commitment you need to move forward.

And that is a much better word than closing—commitment. Forget about closing because closing is for doors and windows. More on that next week.

Before you go on your next call, have a plan for getting the necessary information on the table. Think about what you and your client both need to know to make sure that you are a good fit. You know your business but unless you own the other company, you don’t know their business. They are different from your last prospect and different from your next prospect. Instead of assuming what he or she wants and needs, start asking questions.

A structured question plan can help you guide the conversation so that your contact becomes a prospect at the highest dollar value and in the shortest amount of time. Your sequence walks a contact from beginning to end, from the introductory opening to the final commitment in getting an order. Having that plan separates a Sales Leader from a sales rep.

Stay tuned for more on how to create your powerful question structure using the INFOCUS Selling™ process.


Always Be Willing To Share

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Even those of us in the business of professional sales training keep our eyes open for sales tips and new strategies that we have not heard or tried before. I found this blog and encourage you to check it out as well as coming back here often. Click on the logo to go right to it.

February 19, 2009

ACTUM Group Perspective Archive

New to INFOCUS Selling or ACTUM Group?  Or missed a few issues of our information packed monthly newsletter?

Click here to check out back issues of The ACTUM Group Perspective newsletter.

February 3, 2009

Client Profile: Steve Gray Renovations Creates His Big Breaks

Article by Scott Seibert

Recently the Indianapolis Star highlighted one of our clients. It’s exciting to see someone you have worked with make it big. The Star wouldn’t let Steve Gray talk about us as his second big break, but in his regular gracious manner, he summed it up like this.

“My second break was a decision to join a CEO Roundtable facilitated by ACTUM Group. Over a year I learned all the details and techniques of how to run a business; to work on my business, not just in my business. I found resources for legal, accounting, marketing, PR, HR, finance, and other business services that I might not have ever considered much less employed in my company.


(Full Indianapolis Star Article)

When Networking Isn’t Working

Article by Jeff Bowe

“I can’t sell when I network, I’m there to build relationships.”

“I have lots of one on ones, but no one I meet is a prospect.”

“I network all the time but I just don’t get anything out of it.”

At the risk of upsetting a very large apple cart, it’s time to debunk some myths about networking.


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