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December 17, 2008

You are a Superhero

Defining Your Market

You’re superman or superwoman—able to conquer tough prospects with ease. Bring them on! Any and all! You know no fear, and any block or obstacle can be easily scaled or crushed. No foe is too great.

OK, maybe you’re not superman or superwoman. But wait. Whether you are or not, do you really want to take on all foes? Do you really want to have to fight every enemy out there? What if you could focus your energy on one enemy? One nemesis? One competitor?

Think of the superheroes of your youth, however many years ago that was. Most of them countered one arch enemy day after day. And, every day, they won. Why? Simple. It was focus.

You are your own superhero. You can take on all comers, cover all needs, but you are most effective against one foe. The foe you know. The foe you fight every day. The foe you can beat at every confrontation.

Is this your approach to sales? It should be. Instead of taking on all comers, identify one point of attention and attack that point. Maybe it’s one specific need, or one specific competitor—one enemy. How are you different? Unique? Stronger? Better?

Superheroes have arch enemies for one reason—it allows the story writers to focus the good powers against one bad power that is between them and a perfect world. You need to select your arch nemesis, and plan now for complete domination in your world, using your one good power—you unique strength.

Your nemesis could be a specific competitor, or it could be a specific need that you are best suited to fill. No matter, you need to identify it, name in, and own it in the market.

When you go to war each day, when you pick up the phone and state your sales and marketing prowess, how do you grab that one focal point and attack it—every day? Superheroes are successful because they know their own weakness and they know the weakness of their enemy, and they focus their energy against that weakness in a way that is not impacted by their own weakness—day after day.

What is your focus for 2009? Have you figured out where you should aim, where you should target, so that all of your energies are most effectively put to use?

Through the end of the year and into January, we are going to talk about focus, attention, and attack. If you want to launch 2009 with a purpose, be prepared to be like your favorite superhero—powerful and focused. When you are focus, you can spend all of your energy on one need and dominate that need—just like your favorite superhero.

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