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November 19, 2008

We Believe

15% Off is one thing. 15% In is quite another.

We believe in our economy. Some segments will be pretty tough but no industry disappears during a dip. Our economy is going to turn around and those who plot the right course now will grow during this blip and come out geometrically stronger than their competition—some of whom will not make it out at all. To grow a business now means taking market share from the competition. It happens every day and you can be on the winning end or losing end—it’s your choice.

We believe in ourselves. We know the last thing people are doing right now is looking for places to spend money, regardless of how bad their sales trend is. But the bottom line is your sales skills have never been more important. The more competition you have, the more you have to out sell them. Our track record tells us that when our clients show up, pay attention, apply and integrate new behaviors and tactics, amazing things happen. We’re confident that record will continue.

We want to believe in you. We are looking for 5 sales teams of 2-5 people each, up to 20 sales people, who want to be high earning sales professionals during this economic blip but right now are more like struggling sales workers. If you want to be a successful sales professional, or if you want your team to be successful, we’re willing to let you go 15% in and we’ll earn the rest. That’s right. You invest only 15% of our normal training fees, and we’ll get paid more only if we can change your sales results. Email us at to find out how to get started.

I bet you and your team get paid for results, why shouldn’t your sales trainer?


November 17, 2008

Captivate Attention Seminar

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Captivate Attention in One Sentence
Start Conversations that Count While Networking

Do you do a lot of networking? Do you struggle to instantly grab the attention of everyone you meet? Do you need to get people excited about meeting and doing business with you? Maybe you need a new Framing Statement. This workshop that sells out every month will help you: Find one burning issue that drives clients to you, Radically improve how people remember you, Build an introduction that grabs attention and starts Conversations that Count!

Thursday, November 20th
2:00pm – 4:30pm

Registration is FREE, but please RSVP so we can reserve a space for you as our seminars fill up quickly!
RSVP to:

November 6, 2008

Differentiate Workshop

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Differentiate or Become a Commodity Workshop
Learn to Stand Out from the Masses

Why do so many successful companies spend so much money to “brand” themselves? It is because they have to differentiate themselves from their competitors and show why people and other companies should buy their products or services. No one pays a lot for common, but they pay a lot more for uniqueness. In this seminar we will cover the aspects of differentiation, how to discover our strengths, and combine those to create our own brand.

Thursday, November 13th, 2:00pm – 4:30pm

Registration is FREE, but please RSVP so we can reserve a space for you as our seminars fill up quickly!
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November 4, 2008

Client Profile: Monon Financial Svcs.

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Client Profile: Monon Financial Services, Incorporated.

“Our 2008 projection shows a 3200% sales increase over the past 18 months-and as a former math teacher, that’s not a miscalculation!” says Craig Buehler of Monon Financial Services. “I don’t know where I’d be without ACTUM, but it sure wouldn’t be close to my current 3200% growth rate. I would never have had the skills to gain some of my biggest clients which have pushed my business into a whole new realm.”


November 3, 2008

Selling with Your Eyes & Ears

Selling with Your Eyes and Ears
by Jeffrey J. Bowe

Over the past several months, I’ve had the opportunity to travel on sales calls with several clients. It’s always fun to watch someone in action, but it’s also frustrating to see simple lessons forgotten in the heat of the moment. If you want to have better results in your sales calls, here are three things to watch and listen for.


Ailing Business?

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by Chris McEvoy

Here’s a quick test:

A term loan at the bank comes due in 4 weeks. You aren’t going to be able to repay it. You should:

1. Do nothing until the date rolls around.
2. Go see your banker immediately and fess up to your problems.
3. None of the above


Clear Expectations

Clear Expectations – The Base of the Leadership Pyramid
by Scott Seibert

“I can’t believe I’m paying these people my hard earned money to accomplish so little.” Have you ever had that thought? Maybe the language used was actually a bit stronger. The next thought would be something like, “Don’t they know what I’m paying them to do?” The answer to the second question is the answer to the first tragic situation.


November 2, 2008

Increasing Financial Services Sales

Increasing Financial Services Sales when the Stock Market Isn’t Cooperating
Co-Hosted by Senior Advisors Network and ACTUM Group

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
8:00-8:30 Registration and Open Sales Coaching Time by the Speaker
8:30-10:00 Working Seminar

If you sell financial services, including health insurance, long term care, stocks, annuities, and retirement planning, you may be experiencing more client contact but it isn’t always nice.

If you are trying to land new clients during this time, you may be finding it brutal out there.

There are still thousands of prospects that need and want your services….so how do you get them to sign on now?

Come learn how to…

…Build relationships quickly and easily with more prospects

…Build urgency to act now instead of some undefined time in the future

…Build your income regardless of good and bad cycles in the financial markets.

Registration is free but space is limited so sign up now to walk out with new ways to put clients and cash in your pocket. RSVP to:

Refreshments served. Seminar at ACTUM Group Training Center, 7164 Graham Rd., Ste. 180, Indianapolis 46250.

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