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October 14, 2008

Have You Decided to Participate in or Ignore the Media Fueled Economic Blip?

Here’s my solution to the economic “issue” and it times well with the changing seasons.

1.      We fire all members of the media who have made a snide, biased, or politically motivated comment about the economy in the last 90 days, unless they have a Ph.D. in economics. (Trust me, they will all be gone.)

2.      We go outside and rake the leaves in our yard, adding to our mulch pile, burning off a few calories, and providing some much needed oxygen to our brains before the cold weather sets in.

3.      After the leaves are up and we realize how nice it is to be alive and living free in America, we go to our favorite store and buy that one item that you have been putting off buying yourself or someone special.  Here’s mine:

Think it would work? I am 99.96% sure that if we did this, we would find the new newscasters on Thanksgiving would be telling of how thankful we are for rising retail sales, increased cash in the economy, lower unemployment, and a decrease in murders and drug use (that’s another whole topic…).

Ok, that is pretty idealistic isn’t it? Unfortunately, the few who might do it could not carry the load for those who don’t do it. Darn. So, my second solution is to come visit one of our sales classes between now and the holidays, free, just to get some ideas on how you can sell more hours, products, or services, at a higher price, to more people. Just let me know when you want to stop by, we’ll send you the material for that week, and you can come in and get some tips to help you battle the bad news that surrounds your prospects every day telling them why not to buy from you. Is this self serving? We might get a client or two out of it. But, bigger picture, I do know what everyone will get—a better attitude all around as everyone’s sales climb the last quarter of 2008 from new attitudes combined with new approaches, and that’s my early holiday gift to Rainmakers.


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