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July 8, 2008

How To Focus To Medical Physicians

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My question is if you are wanting to market to physicians, and physicians are a “protected” group (by managers, and office staff) what is the best way to approach the physicians on a plan that can help their office succeed without just placing an advertisement in a medical magazine?


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  1. Ccoots,
    You are asking a great question that has much broader implications than just a doctors office–you are asking about Gatekeepers! The first rule for gatekeepers is to know what is important to them, and to treat them with the respect that they require due to their ability to block you or help you. So, is your offering going to work against the manager and office staff, such as reducing their hours or making them unnecessary? If not, then market to them first, and get them to take you to the doctor. Approach them as your client, market to their hot buttons, and then ask them (one on one, face to face) how this could help them followed by “how can I help you look good to your boss?” It is always better to go with the grain than against it and trying to go around this group is very tough. Yes you can market through medical magazines but that will be expensive and long due to ad lead times.

    if you offering does work against the staff and manager in that it may lead to reduced hours or cuts in staff, then you still need to get to the manager who, most likely, will not be eliminated–every office has a manager. The goal here is to find out from the manager, one by one, what is his or her most important role or goal, what is in the way of accomplishing that role, and then to ask how your offering could allow him or her to focus on that more important goal (most likely a strategic over tactical issue).

    If this still does not make any sense, email us again…we’ll keep going deeper and deeper until we get the answer.

    Comment by INFOCUSSelling Team — July 13, 2008 @ 9:03 pm

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