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July 7, 2008

Your Customer Service Reputation

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Your Customer Service Reputation

by Scott Seibert

What makes your customers buy from you twice?  What makes them never buy from you again?  What makes your customers tell everyone they meet that they should buy your product or service?  What makes them tell everyone they meet to run for cover?  The answer is simple.  It is Customer Service.

Successful marketing gets you in front of potential customers who are in your target market.  Successful sales techniques get those prospects to buy (at ACTUM we make you an expert at turning prospects into customers).  Successful customer service then keeps them buying from you.  There is little reason to invest in the first two if you don’t have a plan to make your customer service better than your competitors.

How would you define Customer Service (CS)?  Think about it.  What CS has made your day brighter?  On the flip side, what CS has made you want to strangle somebody?  What examples can you think of where a company’s CS has negated all the effort and money that went into their marketing and sales effort?  Where have you made what you thought was going to be a routine purchase but because of outstanding customer service, you’ve become a regular purchaser of that product or service?  Write those answers down.  Then apply them to your business or organization. CONTINUED (Your Customer Service Reputation)…


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