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July 7, 2008

The 2 Most Dangerous Words in Sales

The Two Most Dangerous Words in Sales are Not “No” and “Maybe”

by Jeff Bowe
“No” and “Maybe” are bad words in sales when it comes to getting cash in your pocket, but they pale in comparison to the worst two. Without a doubt, the two most dangerous words in sales are, “I think.” It is not that I do not want sales professionals to think. Rather, I want them to know. I want salespeople to know why their last customer bought from them, why this prospect bought a similar offering from a competitor last time, and how much this prospect will gain from purchasing from them. Why is “I think” so dangerous?

Let’s look at the difference between “I think” and “I know.” The former is a guess of questionable reliability while the latter is a fact that can be substantiated. When you “think” you know the answer to a question, you are hoping that you are right. You are making an assumption. You are playing the lottery that the reason you pick is correct. Just like the lottery, the odds of being right are stacked against you. CONTINUED (The Two Most Dangerous Words in Sales)


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