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May 17, 2008

How can talents like mine be sold online effectively?

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I am a professional writer working through an official web portal and would like to know how I can apply sales techniques into my business to obtain maximum benefits.  I have an impressive portfolio and exceptional potentials which I believe would contribute to any business which requires my services. I am only able to make a reasonable income and am lookig for ways to step into the higher league.


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  1. Somewhat of a unique question but only because you are selling remotely. Sales is about urgency and helping the prospect understand how much is at risk or at stake to get a project done quicker and better. How do you determine the value of the opportunity for the client? How do you differentiate yourself from other people chasing the same project? What is the goal of the proposed project? The last question needs to be asked early on so you can prepare the best proposal focusing only on their highest goal and objective. The first question goes right after that, which is “if this project works for you, how will it change or impact your business?” followed by “If it does not work right, how will that negatively impact or affect your business?” The middle question is a function of the other two. When you have a better understanding of your client than your competition, you will get more projects because you give a better proposal.

    Comment by INFOCUSSelling Team — June 5, 2008 @ 8:05 am

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