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May 20, 2008

Great Design for Business Cards

What is Great Design on a Business Card?

by Boundless Design, Jill R. Harding

A well-designed business card is an inexpensive marketing tool that will create leads after the networking event is over. Business card design is often neglected, frequently given little acknowledgment by start-ups, entrepreneurs and even experience business owners alike. The design of this marketing tool descends low on the list of forecast items for many businesses. Desktop publishing makes it easy to quickly create and print a card from home computers. But always remember a business card is an element of your brand. A business card which is not designed well is often tossed into a desk drawer/rolodex/or even the trash after the networking event, doing your business absolutely no good and cheapens your brand (not getting you noticed).  (MORE….Great Business Card Design)


May 17, 2008

How can talents like mine be sold online effectively?

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I am a professional writer working through an official web portal and would like to know how I can apply sales techniques into my business to obtain maximum benefits.  I have an impressive portfolio and exceptional potentials which I believe would contribute to any business which requires my services. I am only able to make a reasonable income and am lookig for ways to step into the higher league.

May 12, 2008

Practicing What You Preach

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Practicing What You Preach

by Jeffrey J. Bowe, Principal

Even we professional sales trainers sometimes need a really good month. I needed that last month when I realized that my two weeks of doctoral studies in May would significantly crimp my income. (Yes, if you think life was crazy before, add the pursuit of a Doctor of Business Administration degree to the mix!) So, how does a professional sales trainer have a great month? It’s easy. He reads his own book.

On March 30, I figured out how much new business revenue I needed in April to cover the lost revenue in May. I looked at our most common sale, and then looked at what was already in my sales funnel. I looked at my calendar to determine when I could have sales calls during April. Using reasonable sales dollar per client, I figured out what I needed and when I needed it so that each needed sale had a date on it. I took a pad of Post-It notes and put one needed sale on each Post-It note. Then, I took posted them on my bathroom mirror where I had to look at them every morning and every night. Each needed sale became a specific goal with a target date.

I hit my first three sales ahead of schedule, and then I hit a bigger project than I had anticipated. I only took down one Post-It note because it was one sale but made a mental check that in terms of cash flow, I had created some buffer in less than a week. Almost every other day, when I got home at night, I got to take a Post-It note down, write a new client name on it, and then, for continuous reminding impact, I put it the achieved goals along the bottom of my mirror to remind me of my success.

Did it work? Sure did! It was a record month for new client count and new billable hours (excluding two months in the past where very large but one time projects skewed those months.) Overall, it was the best month I had ever had in sales. Why? Let’s recap.

I set goals.

I wrote the goals down.

I reviewed the goals twice every day.

I rewarded myself when I made progress on the goals.

Do you need a great May or a hot June? When was the last time you took this basic approach to goal setting and made it work for you? If you have a need, break that need down into bite size pieces based on reasonable expectations (no home run hits unless you have a solid history of them!) and then make sure it hits you in the face every day.

When you tackle sales with a plan, you have a much greater chance of your plan becoming a reality. There is a reason all of us sales trainers talk about the impact of a written sales plan-it works. Make it work for you.

Jeff Bowe, Principal of ACTUM Group is a sales trainer and sales coach who focuses on helping sales people improve their skills and increase their income, while increasing corporate profit as well. For more information on Jeff, click here Jeff can be contacted at or 317-577-3750.


ENGAGEMENT:  The Power of Productivity – RECOGNITION

by Scott Seibert, Sales & Leadership Strategist

Tom Peters used the term “MBWA”.  It stands for Management By Walking Around.  His message was to always look for people doing things right, and then recognize their efforts and accomplishments.  Why have so many of the world’s management gurus stressed this simple tactic?  Because if done right, it will make you successful and filthy, stinking rich.

As we all know, finding people doing things wrong is quite easy.  We do this every day when reading the paper, watching a sporting event, interacting with our family and co-workers.  If we own or run a business, we seemingly have an endless supply of opportunities with our employees.  It allows us to show others that we know how things should be done and we do so in no uncertain terms.  It is exasperating to us that others won’t or don’t listen and follow our orders every time they do something.  It is actually our fault.


May 8, 2008

Cold Calling When it is Warm

Cold calling–those two bone shivering words that 98% of all sales people hate. The goal is to build a networking, referral, and alliance base so that you can avoid making cold calls. If you haven’t yet built that, stay tuned for tips on how or email me for insight right away.

Today I want to talk about cold calling when you already know the other person. “But that’s not a cold call!” you object. Sure it is. How many times has someone that you have met called you, and in the conversation you realize that you don’t know exactly what they do or the results gained by their customers? If it has happened to you as the answerer, it has also happened to you as the dialer.

Today’s tip on cold calling your warm prospects is to purposefully use your framing statement in your call to bridge from pleasantries to why you are really calling–which is to get an appointment to talk with someone who you already know specifically about how you can help them. Since you know the person, you can use that to your advantage. “Joe, you know that we keep business owners out of the secret IRS jail (your multi-purpose framing statement), but we have never talked about how we might be able to keep you out of that jail. Could we spend a few minutes next Tuesday or Thursday talking about that?”

Try this for a week. Call people you know and maybe even those you tried to sell a year or more ago, and start over. Your framing statement is your best line, so lay it on them. It beats starting at A and working towards Z and I bet you will find more appointments and more sales.

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