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April 6, 2008

INFOCUS process

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In class I have been attempting to proceed sequentially though the INFOCUS steps.  By this, I mean that I would 1st Find all the goals, then move to Outline all the goals, then Crystalize and so on.

Does it ever make sense to zero in on a specific goal and follow it through to Crystalize?  It seems that this approach could also be effective.  Under the right circumstances, staying on a topic might yield a better conversational flow. 


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  1. Yes! You only need one goal properly outlined and with a value that exceeds the investment in your services to make a sale. It is always helpful to have multiple goals, each with a value that exceeds your investment, but it only takes one. The best way to do this is ask if the goal they stated is the most important goal facing them, and then to take one goal all the the way through the process. When you try to outline too many goals, you may end up with too much discussion and too many variables. Get one goal, get the value, get a commitment to solve that goal, and then solve the next goal after you are “on the clock” and getting paid for your expertise.

    Comment by INFOCUSSelling Team — April 18, 2008 @ 2:45 pm

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